Testimonials: A Letter of Thanks from the Santinos

Here’s the thing about testimonials: sometimes they seem forced, other times, completely made up. We know… but we’ve been really lucky to work with a lot of kind, amazing people–people who have been generous enough to write nice things about us, and it’s hard not to want to share that! So here it is, a bit of shameless self-promotion courtesy of a recent customer:

Kitchen Trends,

My wife and I just had to write you to tell you how pleased we are with the work you did on our kitchen remodel. As you know we changed everything, tore down walls, re-did floors, replaced all our appliances and installed new cabinets.

This is where you came in. While every aspect of this remodel came with challenges, the work your company did was the highlight of the entire project. You worked with us to select the right cabinets and you did a highly professional job installing them.

We want to especially call out the work done by Stuart. Stuart maintained a perfect balance of speed and attention to detail. When things weren’t exactly right, like the level of our floor, Stuart took the time to make sure each and every cabinet was installed exactly level. But more than that, Stuart came up with what I can only call artistic solutions to other problems. He truly is a craftsman.

As you know, we ordered crown molding that was too wide for the drop ceiling we put in in part of the kitchen. Not a problem for Stuart. He hand cut each piece so that the overall three piece design was maintained. Anyone else would have cut a little off the top or a little off the bottom but the balance of the look would have been lost. We didn’t have to say that wouldn’t be acceptable to us because it wasn’t acceptable to Stuart.

Our island could have been another challenge but not for Stuart. As you know, the granite comes out about nine inches from the cabinet so the contractor had to put metal pieces under it to support the weight. Stuart immediately pointed this out to us and said he could cut a piece of wood the same color as the cabinet and cover all of that up. The end product looked great.

That would have been enough for us to write this letter but the last thing he did is getting rave reviews from everyone who sees it. We put our island on a wood floor and so there was a tiny gap at the bottom. We asked Stuart if he could put some corner around there to cover it up but Stuart said he could do something far better than that. By this point, we knew we didn’t need to ask. We trusted it would be great and it was. I suggest you show other clients a picture of this as my words could not do it justice. Suffice it to say that my mother-in-law loved it and that’s saying something!

Thanks again for everything and most of all for putting Stuart on our job.

George and Suzanne Santino

Thank you  for your business and your kind words George and Suzanne! Now here’s glimpse of their gorgeous kitchen:


Manufacturer: Medallion Cabinetry

Door Style & Finish: Wellington in Morel with Burnt Sienna Glaze

Countertops: Granite

Hardware: Oil Rubbed Bronze

Installation: Kitchen Trends

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