Maximizing Minimal Space


If you’re remodeling a kitchen with a small footprint as we did in this early 1900s craftsman bungalow, it’s important to make the most of the space you have. Paying attention to the details–such as building full height upper cabinets with crown to the ceiling, makes the kitchen feel expansive, while maximizing storage space at the same time.

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Little touches like creating a small L-shaped return and extending the countertop just a few inches make for a big gain in workspace without minimizing walkways or making you feel closed in. Kneespace underneath the extended countertop also allows for a stool or highchair if desired. The open shelving above is a fun addition that represents of the era of the home, and leaves room for displaying books and knickknacks.

The original kitchen also had a large dishwasher that pushed the kitchen sink off-center, so the family opted for an 18″ high efficiency unit which not only gave us the ability to center the sink under the window, it also allowed for more storage elsewhere.


The finishing touches also make a big difference. Using 2 x 4-inch subway tiles for the backsplash rather than standard 3 x 6-inch size works perfectly with the scale of the room, and finding fixtures that match era of the home makes all the difference. The family chose beautifully restored vintage light fixtures from Mary Davis Vintage Lighting Company and oil rubbed bronze hardware to finish off their space.

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